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Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum
Rabbi Dr Zarum is the Dean of LSJS and is the leading ambassador of the institution.

Welcome to the London School of Jewish Studies

LSJS is the dynamic hub that leads Anglo-Jewry in the provision of quality teacher training programmes, academic degrees and first-rate adult education courses. Our graduates are teaching in schools across the Jewish world and making a significant impact on the future of Jewish education. With our new online degrees, LSJS is widening its reach to train and teach educators wherever there is a Jewish community around the globe.

We pride ourselves in being a warm, friendly and supportive organisation. With over a hundred and fifty years of experience in training and educating teachers, rabbis and leaders, we are deeply rooted in Jewish Tradition as well as ready to address and make the most of what the modern world has to offer.

Welcome to LSJS, I hope you find what you are looking for. We’re here to help.

Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum,


About Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum

Raphael is a graduate of the Jerusalem Fellows programme at the Mandel Leadership Institute in Israel and in 2005 received an MA (with Distinction) in Adult Education at the Institute of Education in London. He is the creator of the Torah L’Am crash course and is the author of the Torat Hadracha and Jampacked Bible educational study guides. He was the first Head of faculty of the Florence Melton Adult Mini School UK and was Director of text-based Jewish education at he UJIA Centre for Informal Jewish Education.

He received rabbinic ordination after studying at the Kollel of the Judith Lady Montefiore College. The semicha was given by Dayan Saadia Amor (Rosh Beth Din of the Sephardi Beth Din UK and Rosh of the Montefiore Kollel), Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy (Emeritus Spiritual Head of the Spanish & Portuguese Jews’ Congregation and Honorary Principal of the Judith Lady Montefiore College), Dayan Ezra Basri (Former Av Bet Din of Yerushalayim) and Emeritus Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (Former President of LSJS).

He completed a PhD in theoretical physics in 1999 and published a number of papers on Quantum Chaos Theory. He is a leading Jewish educator in the UK and teaches at conferences and seminars, synagogues and Jewish community centres across the globe. In 2008 he was ranked 26th in the Jewish Chronicle Power100 list of the most influential people in UK Jewry.

Two short videos with Rabbi Dr Zarum: Not everything has a reason, Limmud as Jerusalem

A copy of Rabbi Dr Zarum’s dissertation “Curriculum Production for Traditional Adult Jewish Education” is available to read here

Events by Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum

Shaken and Stirred
Mon 04 February 20:00-21:30
British Museum Pre Purim Tour with Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum
Tue 05 March 10:00-12:30
British Museum Pre Purim Tour with Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum
Sun 10 March 10:00-12:30
British Museum Pre Pesach Tour with Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum
Sun 31 March 10:00-12:30
British Museum Pre Pesach Tour with Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum
Tue 02 April 10:00-12:30
The Four Daughters of Seder Night
Mon 08 April 20:00-21:30
Dramatize your Haggadah with an all-new experience


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