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London School of Jewish Studies is a world-class centre of Jewish scholarship and teaching that inspires our community with a lifelong love of Jewish learning and practice. We provide courses and events, degree courses, teacher training and online digital content.

LSJS offers a variety of different degrees in Jewish education. All are quality assured by Middlesex University or King's College London.

4 years, part-time (3 hours tutor time per week)

BA (Hons) Jewish Education

In partnership with Middlesex University

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2 years, part-time

MA Jewish Education

In partnership with Middlesex University

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1 year, full-time / 2 years, part-time

MA in Religion (Jewish Studies Pathway)

In partnership with King's College London

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Train to teach with the Jewish Teacher Training Partnership (JTTP) at LSJS, the only government approved provider of teacher training in the Jewish Community.

1 year, full-time

SCITT - School Centred Initial Teacher Training (Primary)

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1 year, full-time

School Direct
(Primary or Secondary)

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4 years, part-time

Rabbinic Training Programme

London Montefiore Semicha Programme

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Welcome from the Dean
Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum


3rd December 2018

LSJS is going Cashless

From January 2019, LSJS will be moving over to a cashless payment system.

14th September 2018

New Year, New Leadership for LSJS

The Trustees of the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS) are delighted to announce that after an extensive and thorough search, they have appointed Joanne Greenaway as the new Chief Executive.

11/12/2018 09:15-10:00
Lives of the Sages
Tamar Weizer
11/12/2018 10:00-12:00
Ulpan Aleph 4a with Emma
Emma Gould
11/12/2018 10:00-12:00
Ulpan Aleph 4b with Daphna
Daphna Witztum
11/12/2018 20:00-22:00
Modern Issues in Halacha
Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski
11/12/2018 20:00-22:00
LSJS Bet Midrash for Men
Rabbi Eliezer Zobin
11/12/2018 20:00-22:00
Ulpan Bet 1a with Rina
Rina Gurvitz
12/12/2018 10:00-12:00
Ulpan Dalet with Aliza
Aliza Rubner
12/12/2018 10:00-12:00
Ulpan Bet 2 with Daphna
Daphna Witztum
12/12/2018 10:00-12:00
Ulpan Gimmel 1 with Emma
Emma Gould


London School of Jewish Studies
Schaller House
Wohl Campus for Jewish Education
44a Albert Road
   020 8203 6427
E    info@lsjs.ac.uk




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