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Dr Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz
LSJS Teaching Fellow and a graduate of the LSJS Susi Bradfield Programme.
Dr Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz is one of LSJS's most popular teachers. She recently completed her PhD at UCL.

Lindsey studied archaeology at Cambridge and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and has recently completed  PhD at UCL, on the religious lives of Orthodox Jewish women. She has taught and developed courses at LSJS since 2004, and teaches regularly in the community, as well as occasionally lecturing at Cambridge University and King’s College London. She edits books for the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization and has written articles and book reviews for the Jewish Chronicle. Lindsey is a graduate of the LSJS Susi Bradfield Women Educators’ Programme.


London School of Jewish Studies
Schaller House
Wohl Campus for Jewish Education
44a Albert Road
   020 8203 6427
E    info@lsjs.ac.uk




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