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Thought & Law
Torah vs. Me
Start Date: 03 June
Time: 20:00-21:30
Day(s): Sunday
About the course

Who tells you what to do, and do you listen? Do rabbis today command the same respect they had a century ago? Is religious authority at oddswith Generation Z? What is the power of Torah to influence us in such a fast-paced changing modern society? What should or could it be?

Dr Elliott Malamet, a renowned contemporary Jewish thinker, is known for pushing his audiences to think beyond the conventional. In this unique lecture he will present an honest and realistic response to these challenging questions.

The clash between authenticity and halachic mores may be the crucial question of Orthodoxy today, manifested in a variety of specific disputes (gay Jews desiring a full range of sexual and loving expression; the ordination of women; partnership minyanim, and many other examples). Contemporary people increasingly feel a solemn and irreplaceable commitment to their own inner voice and truth. Is there an almost irrevocable breach in modern life between a sensibility that is religiously obedient, and the growing feeling for many people that to follow the demands of the Torah would be—in certain crucial moments--in fact to betray their own deepest and, yes, sacred sensibilities – about themselves, the world, and in fact about God? In this session we will explore this conflict and probe the following: How does one accept an external command in an age of autonomy? Is the authentic self a serious moral value or a code for self-centred narcissism? Can one be “authentic” and “halachic? Has the age of rabbinic authority passed by for many people, even people who self identify as Orthodox?

Dr Elliott Malamet lives in Jerusalem and lectures in 20th century Jewish literature at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University and teaches Jewish Philosophy and Ethics at Yeshivat Machanaim. Before moving to Israel, he spent twenty years as lecturer in Jewish Philosophy in Canadian universities and was the Department Head of Jewish Thought at TanenbaumCHAT secondary school.

There is another opportunity to hear Dr Malamet on Monday 4 June as part of our People of the Books series.

Advance price£12 (£10 concessions)
On the day£12 (£10 concessions)
Session Standard Concession
Sunday 3rd June, 20:00
Torah vs. Me
Total: £0.00
Concessions are available for senior citizens (65+), university students, or if you are receiving benefits. You can register a maximum of 4 attendees for each event. Single sessions also available on the door.
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