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Jewish Culture
Modern Jewish Literature
with Dr Aviva Dautch
Start Date: 22 October
Duration: 8 weeks
Time: 10:30-12:30
Day(s): Monday
About the course
This course is dedicated to the memory of Maureen Kendler z”l

Modern Jewish Literature at LSJS is a unique exploration into the modern Jewish books that really matter. What books have influenced us? Which ones have amused, insulted and entertained us? Which books do we love, which ones do we want everyone to read and which ones do we want forgotten?

Full course price£91 (£77 concessions)
Advance price£12 (£10 concessions)
On the day£12 (£10 concessions)
Session Standard Concession
Modern Jewish Literature - 10:30 8 weeks
Week 1: Monday 15th October, 10:30
'Inside Kasrilevke' by Sholem Aleichem
Week 2: Monday 22nd October, 10:30
'Inside Kasrilevke' by Sholem Aleichem
Week 3: Monday 29th October, 10:30
'The Sisters of the Winter Wood' by Rena Rossner
Week 4: Monday 5th November, 10:30
'Days of Awe' by A. M. Homes
Week 5: Monday 12th November, 10:30
'Forest Dark' by Nicole Krauss
Week 6: Monday 19th November, 10:30
'East West Street' by Philippe Sands
Week 7: Monday 26th November, 10:30
'The Weight of Ink' by Rachel Kadish
Week 8: Monday 3rd December, 10:30
'Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan' by Ruth Gilligan
Week 9: Monday 10th December, 10:30
'Goodbye Columbus' by Philip Roth
Total: £0.00
Concessions are available for senior citizens (65+), university students, or if you are receiving benefits. You can register a maximum of 4 attendees for each event. Single sessions also available on the door.
Course Teachers
Dr Aviva Dautch

Dr Aviva Dautch teaches English Literature and Creative Writing at the British Library. She has...

11/12/2018 09:15-10:00
Lives of the Sages
Tamar Weizer
11/12/2018 10:00-12:00
Ulpan Aleph 4a with Emma
Emma Gould
11/12/2018 10:00-12:00
Ulpan Aleph 4b with Daphna
Daphna Witztum
11/12/2018 20:00-22:00
Modern Issues in Halacha
Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski
11/12/2018 20:00-22:00
LSJS Bet Midrash for Men
Rabbi Eliezer Zobin
11/12/2018 20:00-22:00
Ulpan Bet 1a with Rina
Rina Gurvitz
12/12/2018 10:00-12:00
Ulpan Dalet with Aliza
Aliza Rubner
12/12/2018 10:00-12:00
Ulpan Bet 2 with Daphna
Daphna Witztum
12/12/2018 10:00-12:00
Ulpan Gimmel 1 with Emma
Emma Gould


London School of Jewish Studies
Schaller House
Wohl Campus for Jewish Education
44a Albert Road
   020 8203 6427
E    info@lsjs.ac.uk




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