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Distance Learning MA Jewish Education


The deadline for applications is Friday 7th December 2018.

Target Audience

The degree aims to contribute to the improvement of standards of Jewish education by developing critically reflective, confident, effective, ethical and professionally capable Jewish educators and educational leaders. It is aimed at international students with some experience in the world of education, either as classroom teachers, community educators and Rabbis or in other ways, who wish to combine academic studies with employment or other responsibilities.

Subjects to be covered

In the first year, students study Jewish Education: Traditional Sources and Contemporary Issues, Teaching and Learning in Jewish Education and one of five options: Leadership and Management in Jewish Education, Pedagogy of Jewish Studies, Teaching Jewish History, Adult Jewish Education or Informal Jewish Education. In the second year, students opt to study either ‘Advanced Leadership and Management in Jewish Education’ or ‘Models of Jewish Education: Schooling in a Historical and Global Context’. They conclude by writing an extended Dissertation which is intended to enable students to develop an in-depth understanding of the scope of contemporary research in Jewish education and an appreciation of relevant research in education studies.

Structure of sessions

As an online course, participants have considerable flexibility in how they organise their time for the different modules. Each module has a mixture of the range of activities used for online learning programmes.

Frequency of training

This is at the discretion of the individual student. There is the flexibility of studying a little on a daily basis or a more concentrated burst when a longer period of time can be allocated.

Profiles of presenters/experts

The Programme Director and one of the key teachers is Dr Tamra Wright, Director of Academic Studies at LSJS. Other teachers include Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum (Dean of LSJS), Rabbi Michael Pollak (LSJS Teaching Fellow), Barry Kleinberg (LSJS Teaching Fellow and lecturer at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine) and Dr Helena Miller (Director of Research and Evaluation at United Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA) and senior editor of The International Handbook of Jewish Education). Other faculty who have taught on the LSJS Face-to-Face programme will be involved in the teaching of the degree.

Location of training

The online programme will be based wherever the students live. There will be some shared time for common online activities.


Most students are likely to finish the degree over a two year period.

4 years, part-time (3 hours tutor time per week)

BA (Hons) Jewish Education

In partnership with Middlesex University

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2 years, part-time

MA Jewish Education

In partnership with Middlesex University

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1 year, full-time / 2 years, part-time

MA in Religion (Jewish Studies Pathway)

In partnership with King's College London

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London School of Jewish Studies
Schaller House
Wohl Campus for Jewish Education
44a Albert Road
   020 8203 6427
E    info@lsjs.ac.uk




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