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LSJS library terms and conditions

Everyone borrowing items from the library is bound by our terms and conditions

  • Anyone living in the United Kingdom may join the library and borrow books and other resources.
  • When you join the library you will need to bring some personal identification, such as a driving licence, utilities bill, credit card, passport or a library card from another authority.
  • The annual charge for library membership is £10 per person (Teacher Training students and LSJS MA/BA students are exempt).
  • On joining the library you will receive a library membership card which is for your use only.
  • You may borrow up to 3 books or resources at any one time for period of two weeks
  • Unless it has been reserved by another borrower, a book may be renewed, by phone/email, for a further period up to three times without being produced at the library. If you still require the book after that, you must bring it to the library to be re-issued.
  • You must notify the library of any change of name or address as soon as possible.
  • If you lose your card, a replacement card can be issued for a small charge (£1.50), but you will be responsible for any items taken out on missing cards until you report the loss.
  • If for any reason you want to stop using the library to borrow items, please return your card for cancellation; you remain responsible for any outstanding items taken out on your card until you have requested its cancellation.
  • You must renew or return your books/resources on or before the library closing time on the date due back. If you keep books/resources beyond that date, you will be charged in line with the current rate of  charges.
  • You are responsible for any loss or damage to library items that you have borrowed, and may have to pay the replacement cost of the item or the series to which it belongs. (However, we understand that children’s books do occasionally get damaged, and a nominal charge of £5.00 will be levied for each damaged item). Please report any loss or damage straight away.
  •  If you:
    (a) Do not pay your library overdue charges, or
    (b) Do not return items that are long overdue, or
    (c) Have not paid for or replaced any lost or damaged item
    you may not be allowed to borrow further items, subject to the discretion of LSJS Chief Executive

Sponsor a book

LSJS invites you to help us expand our collection through a sponsor-a-book scheme. The scheme gives you the opportunity to mark a simcha or commemorate a loved one whilst helping the LSJS Library keep up with the growing number of new and important publications. Sponsorhip is £50 per book. Please contact us for more information.


We would like to thank the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization for their support.

Vallentine Mitchell Publishers donate on a regular basis books relating to our collection at the library and we thank them for their support.


London School of Jewish Studies
Schaller House
Wohl Campus for Jewish Education
44a Albert Road
   020 8203 6427
E    info@lsjs.ac.uk




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