20 Av 5776
24 August 2016
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London School of Jewish Studies

Wednesday evening

  • Ulpan

    Wednesday 14 September 8:00 pm

    Beginners (Aleph 1) Ulpan

    Expected Entry level Students in this level have learnt to read and write.  They have learnt to introduce themselves, to…

    Emma Gould, | 28 weeks

  • Tanach

    Wednesday 2 November 8:00 pm

    LSJS Tanach Course (Wednesday)

    Learn all the major themes, stories and ideas of the entire Bible one book at a time in one year

    Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum, Julie Apfel, Angela Gluck, Ariel Kahn, Maureen Kendler, Jacqueline Nicholls, Evelyn Stern, Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz, | 29 weeks

  • From Proof to Passion#

    Wednesday 9 November 8:00 pm

    From Proof to Passion

    From Proof to Passion: Changing Interpretations of the Akedah This course will explore one of the most well-known and widely…

    Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski, | 6 weeks