20 Elul 5775
4 September 2015
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London School of Jewish Studies

Wednesday evening

  • aleph-bet 3

    Wednesday 14 October 8:00 pm

    Total Beginners’ Ulpan

    At LSJS we offer you the chance to learn how to speak Hebrew, right in the heart of Hendon. Our…

    Emma Gould, | 28 weeks

  • tananch

    Wednesday 14 October 8:00 pm

    The Tanach Course

    Discover an exotic world, lost under the shifting sands of time. From the lush Garden of Eden to the desolate…

    Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum, Maureen Kendler, Jacqueline Nicholls, Julie Apfel, Rabbi Michael Laitner, Rabbi Yaacov Finn, Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz, Angela Gluck, Evelyn Stern, Ariel Kahn, | 29 weeks

  • Kolot-14-EMB-1

    Monday 19 October 7:30 pm

    Kolot – Finchley & HGS

    Special early bird price of £200 if you book before 1 September 2015 (£220 thereafter) What is Kolot? Kolot is…

    Various, | 14 Sessions

  • big issues

    Wednesday 21 October 8:00 pm

    The Big Issues

    What is the argument concerning the age and authorship of the Bible all about? What has changed in the Torah…

    Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski, Rabbi Yoni Birnbaum, Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman, | 21 weeks

  • tanach

    Wednesday 21 October 8:00 pm

    The Patchwork Bible

    Responding to Bible Criticism in  an Age of Reason   In this course, Rabbi Belovski will explore some of the thorniest …

    Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski, | 7 weeks

  • europe

    Wednesday 28 October 8:00 pm

    Europe & Her Jews

    There can be no effective understanding of the contemporary Jewish world without an awareness of the history and achievements of…

    Richard Goldstein, | 7 weeks