3 Av 5774
30 July 2014
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London School of Jewish Studies

Monday Evening

  • miriam in stained glass

    Monday 15 September 8:00 pm

    Ellul Programme: Keynote

    “Sing – now! – to God:” Miriam and Moses The history of Miriam, the prophetess who speaks enviously of her…

    Dr Aviva Gottlieb Zornberg, | 1 evening

  • crown

    Monday 27 October 8:00 pm

    Tanach Course: Cover to Cover

    Learn the key stories, themes and ideas of the entire Bible The Bible is the greatest book of all time.…

    Julie Apfel, Angela Gluck, Ariel Kahn, Maureen Kendler, Rabbi Michael Laitner, Jacqueline Nicholls, Evelyn Stern, Adam Taub, Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz, Suzanne Weiniger, Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum, | a year

  • aleph-bet2

    Monday 27 October 8:00 pm

    Hebrew Studies: Total Beginners’ Ulpan

    Study modern Hebrew at the level that’s right for you This level provides a systematic approach with slow conversation. It…

    Rina Gurvitz, | a year

  • wheat

    Monday 3 November 8:00 pm

    How to Study Gemara

    Giving you the tools you need to dive into the text The Talmud is our grand work of Jewish law,…

    Rabbi David Mason, | a year

  • maharat

    Monday 3 November 8:00 pm

    Female Jews

    An exploration of the opportunities and challenges for contemporary Jewish women How are women portrayed in the Bible and treated…

    Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski, Maureen Kendler, Leya Landau, Debbie Meyer, Rabbi Michael Pollak, Lindsay Simmonds, Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz, Dr Tamra Wright, | a year

  • kolot 2014

    Monday 10 November 7:30 pm

    Kolot Brondesbury Park: mothers and daughters learning together

    Kolot is an innovative programme for Year 7 girls and their mothers, based on a model pioneered at MaTaN women’s…

    Claire Goodman, Ilana Epstein, Siobhan Dansky, Debbie Meyer, Na'amah Roselaar, Chaya Coleman, | a year