29 Tishri 5775
23 October 2014
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London School of Jewish Studies

Monday Afternoon

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    Monday 27 October 1:00 pm

    Sages and Dreamers

    Explore a range of captivating biblical and talmudic personalities “These sages, these dreamers, who emerge from the incandescent light of…

    Julie Apfel, Tim Cowen, Rabbi Yaacov Finn, Ariel Kahn, Maureen Kendler, Clive Lawton, Debbie Meyer, Jacqueline Nicholls, Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz, Adam Taub, Joe Wolfson, Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum, | a year

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    Monday 27 October 10:00 am

    Tanach Course: Cover to Cover

    Learn the key stories, themes and ideas of the entire Bible The Bible is the greatest book of all time.…

    Julie Apfel, Angela Gluck, Ariel Kahn, Maureen Kendler, Rabbi Michael Laitner, Jacqueline Nicholls, Evelyn Stern, Adam Taub, Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz, Daniel Weisz, Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum, | a year