28 Heshvan 5778
17 November 2017
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London School of Jewish Studies
“Every session left us with a buzz. The diversity of the group ensured a stimulating and often challenging experience.” Miriam Levenson, Bradfield Graduate.

The Susi Bradfield Educational Leadership Programme


Designed for women who want to develop their skills as adult educators or educational leaders in the orthodox community. You will be given the opportunity to study Torah with some of the world’s leading Jewish educators, develop your public speaking skills, and learn to prepare and deliver a dvar Torah. The programme runs for one calendar year and consists of weekly sessions and occasional additional seminars with visiting international guest lecturers. Depending on the preferences of successful applicants, the weekly session will take place in the morning (9.30 am – 12.30 pm) or evening (7.45 pm – 9.45 pm).

The Susi Bradfield name has become synonymous with high achievement and an ability to lead and to teach in the community. Over 150 women have now participated in this unique programme, benefiting from the opportunity both to learn with some of the world’s greatest Jewish educators and to develop their own skills and confidence. Graduates of the Bradfield programme are now teaching in a range of contexts, including the Florence Melton Mini-School, synagogue adult education programmes, and on LSJS’s own courses.

All about the course 

Over the course of the year you will:

  • study Torah with some of the world’s leading Jewish educators, including Dr Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg, Rabbi Shmuel Klitsner, Judy Klitsner, Dr Elliott Malamet, Yael Unterman, Rabbi  Dr Harvey Belovski, Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum and Maureen Kendler
  • develop your public speaking skills
  • learn to prepare and deliver a short dvar torah
  • enhance your understanding of the psychology of adult education
  • explore challenging issues in contemporary adult Jewish education

In the first half of the year you have the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by a wide range of educators. In the second half of the year, you will be able to choose between the educators’ track and the leadership track.

If you have a good background in Jewish textual learning, possibly including a year or more in seminary, or you have an academic background in Jewish Studies or a related discipline, the educators’ track of the Bradfield programme could be just what you’re looking for.

Or, if you are still in the process of developing your own Jewish knowledge and skills, and you are keen to help others to do so, the leadership track will enable you to draw on your own unique set of skills and talents, such as creativity, enthusiasm, organisational and people skills, to organise high-quality educational programmes.

The Educators track will enable you to develop your presentation skills and receive structured feedback on your teaching.

The Leaders track will teach you the skills involved in creating and running effective educational programmes.

If you choose to follow the educators’ track, you will research and present three adult education sessions and receive feedback on your teaching. (The sessions will 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 40 minutes long.)  It will be up to you to choose both the format and the content of the presentations – for example, you might want to present a traditional textual shiur, a lecture on Jewish history, or a workshop on how to run a Tu Beshevat seder. The group will give you both verbal and written feedback in a structured way.

If you choose to follow the educational leadership track you will learn the practical skills needed to create and run high quality educational programmes for adults. Your assignment will be to identify a target group, research their needs and devise a programme for them. You will give progress reports at regular intervals and receive feedback from the group on both your programme plan and your presentations.

You may choose to complete either the educators’ track, or the educational leadership track, or both. 


The Susi Bradfield Women Educators’ Fellowships are fully sponsored by the Bradfield family. There are no fees for participants.

How to apply:

In the first instance you need to register your interest: Please contact Dr Tamra Wright to register your interest or to request an application form: tamra.wright@lsjs.ac.uk

As part of the application you will be invited to interview. Please note: this is a very popular course with limited places each year.

The programme is fully sponsored by the Bradfield family in memory of Susi Bradfield z’l.