28 Heshvan 5778
17 November 2017
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London School of Jewish Studies

Montefiore Kollel

Study Halacha in-depth from theory to practice

Now in its third year, the Montefiore Kollel at LSJS is for men who want to improve their learning in a traditional yeshiva-style setting.

Places are limited and entrance to the Kollel will be by invitation only after interview.

Preference will be given to men with a solid grounding in traditional learning who are interested in (or are currently) serving the community as teachers, rabbis or leaders.

Scholarships are available for successful applicants.

Kollel Curriculum:

Intense in-depth Gemara study with emphasis on halachic applications. Plus regular tests and a  weekly chabura given by students.

Kollel Timetable

The new Kollel programme begins in October 2014 and will run through to July 2015.

Students may choose from two tracks:

For further information and an application form, please contact montefiore@lsjs.ac.uk

Senior Faculty:

R. Abraham Levy OBE PhD

Honorary Principal

Dayan Saadia Amor

Rosh Kollel

R. Eliezer Zobin

Rosh Bet HaMidrash, Senior Lecturer and Shoel U’Meshiv