28 Heshvan 5778
17 November 2017
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London School of Jewish Studies

Rabbinic Training Programme

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London Montefiore Semicha Programme

Training a new generation of home-grown Ashkenazi and Sephardi rabbis for the Anglo-Jewish community

Applications are invited from candidates with sound Torah learning, good textual skills and a broad secular education for the next intake of the Semicha Programme. This 4-year part-time course will start in November 2014. No fees are charged and some scholarships are available
to compensate for loss of earnings.

In addition to the core halachic studies, the curriculum includes Tanach, Midrash and practical community-directed subjects such as counselling, public speaking, homiletics, life cycle events, hazanut, teaching and presentation skills, management, ethics and history.

The programme is designed for future synagogue rabbis, school teachers, adult educators, outreach workers and community
leaders. The semicha is recognised by the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA)


Principal Lecturer and Rosh Kollel:
Dayan Saadia Amor (Rosh Beth Din, London Sephardic Beth Din)

Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski

Rabbi Dr Irving Jacobs (Former Principal, Jews’ College London)

Rabbi Daniel Roselaar

Dr Adrienne Baker

Marilyn Lehrer MA (Oxon.) LLAM

Occasional Lecturers of Distinction

Dayan Ezra Basri  
Former Ab Beth Din, Jerusalem

Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy OBE
Honorary Principal of the Judith Lady Montefiore College

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks
President of LSJS

During the Course, students are also exposed to a variety of visiting lecturers, both rabbinic and academic, for short periods as well as to rabbis and lay leaders currently holding prominent positions in the community.

The London Montefiore Semicha Programme is open only to men who already have solid grounding in traditional learning, together with a good secular education, and who wish to contribute actively to the life of our community. Places are limited and entrance to the programme is by invitation after interview. The next programme begins in November 2013.

Some applicants may need to complete a foundation course at the Montefiore Kollel at LSJS to boost their textual skills before becoming eligible to join the semicha programme.

This is the only such structured course in the United Kingdom and one of only two in Europe. The semicha is recognised by the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) and endorsed by the following:

Principal Examiners

Dayan Saadia Amor

Dayan Ezra Basri

Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy OBE

 Rabbi Lord Sacks


For further information and an application form via https://www.montefioreendowment.org.uk/contact/contact-the-college/