29 Tammuz 5777
23 July 2017
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London School of Jewish Studies

Ulpan Summer School

  • Subject: Ulpan & Hebrew Studies
  • Start date: 17 July
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Start time: 10:00 am
  • End time: 1:00 pm

Registration via the website is now closed. There are a few spaces left to register please contact our office 020 8203 6427.


Turbo charge your Hebrew skills with our Ulpan Summer School. Over the course of two weeks, improve your modern Hebrew speaking, comprehension and grammar. Guided by expert teachers, classes are designed to be interactive, using a variety of written and spoken activities.


This year there will be several levels:

Level 1: For students who can read and write the block letters and script and know about 50-100 words in Hebrew.

Level 2: In this class you will develop language and vocabulary for everyday living. It is suitable for students who know some groups (binyanim) of the past tense.

Level 3: This level is suitable for students who already know past tense and just started with the future tense. You will develop language and vocabulary for everyday living.

Level 4: Suitable for students who know future tense but need to revise it through conversations about future plans as well as current affairs.

Level 5: For people who wish to extend their fluency, grammar and comprehension skills with books and media.

If you are unsure about which level is right for you contact Daphna Witztum, our ulpan coordinator via our office 020 8203 6427.

Register before Monday 5 June for our early bird discount.