19 Nisan 5774
19 April 2014
London School of Jewish Studies

Introduction to the Zohar: Entering the Pardes

  • Subject: Mysticism
  • Start date: 6 November
  • Duration: 1 term
  • Day(s): Wednesday
  • Start time: 8:00 pm
  • End time: 10:00 pm

The spirituality of everyday life

Please note new start date, not as previously publicised.

The Jewish mystical tradition provides unique insights and avenues which enable us to lead meaningful and inspired spiritual lives. But too often these texts are seen as esoteric and inaccessible.

Focusing on the central Jewish mystical text, the Zohar, we will engage with the unique literary challenges of the Zohar, explore its presentation of key concepts, and apply some of its findings to contemporary Jewish life. The Zohar argues that humanity has a key creative role to play in healing and transforming the world. It is a hugely empowering text.

This term, we will explore the unique literary form of the Zohar, and explore its radical presentation of key concepts such as the nature of Good and Evil, and the influence and impact of its depiction of the relationship between humanity and the Divine.

We will be making use of Daniel Matt’s excellent translation, and Isaiah Tishby’s thematic anthology.