2 Tammuz 5777
26 June 2017
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London School of Jewish Studies

36 Arguments for the Existence of God (Tuesday)

  • Subject: Philosophy
  • Start date: 9 May
  • Duration: 7 weeks
  • Day(s): Tuesday
  • Start time: 8:00 pm
  • End time: 10:00 pm

We humans have been thinking about God for a long time. The appendix of the marvellous novel by Rebecca Goldstein sets out 36 arguments for God’s existence and why none of them work. This course will draw on these arguments in order to understand what we mean by God today and how we can have faith.

We will also discuss the novel which follows the career of a psychologist atheist and deals with such topics as the search for truth, Haredi Judaism, child prodigies and the mystical meaning of kugel! So if you want an engaging, meaningful and personal way to relate to God then this course is for you…

9/10 May
How did it all begin? Making sense of a Creator

16/17 May
What’s the big idea? Thinking your way to God

23/24 May
A perfect world – Goldilocks & grand designs

30/31 May
Half term

6/7 June
Do you want a bet? Gambling with Pascal

13/14 June
We’re still here! Is Jewish survival surprising?

20/21 June
No class

27/28 June
Enough already! Why are there so many arguments?

4/5 July
“Does God exist?” – Looking beyond the question…


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