27 Tishri 5776
10 October 2015
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London School of Jewish Studies

Tim Cowen


Tim Cowen is a barrister practising in Lincoln's Inn.

He also sits as a Judge of the Property Chamber, hearing land dispute cases around the country. He has a BA in Political Theory and lives in Highgate.

Events by Tim Cowen

  • Haftara

    Monday 26 October 8:00 pm

    The Haftara Club

    The Haftara comprises of selected readings of the Prophets specifically chosen by the Rabbis to accompany the weekly reading of…

    21 weeks

  • S&D

    Monday 26 October 1:00 pm

    Sages & Dreamers

    Explore a range of captivating Biblical & Talmudic personalities Never dull, always dramatic, our tradition is overflowing with people coping…

    21 weeks