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23 October 2017
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Assessment Only


Are you an experienced graduate teacher without QTS?

Do you want the chance to further your career?

Assessment Only will suit those teachers who do not have QTS but who have taught for two years or more with substantial experience in two consecutive age ranges. This is a new route to QTS for experienced graduate teachers working in UK schools.

It is not a teacher training route. 

If you meet the entry requirements, you will be assessed through lesson observations and a portfolio of evidence. You must also pass the professional national skills tests in literacy and numeracy before you can be accepted on to the Assessment Only (AO) route. You will need the active support of your school who will be expected to appoint a supportive mentor.

To be eligible you must:

• be employed by a school

• be working within national frameworks (e.g. key stages, GCSE)

• be working or have worked in two consecutive age ranges

• have the following qualifications: undergraduate degree and GCSE Grade C equivalent in English and maths (and science if Primary)

Entry criteria

– All entrants have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade C in the GCSE examinations in English and mathematics, and all those who intend to qualify to teach pupils aged 3-11 additionally have achieved a standard equivalent to a Grade C in the GCSE examination in a science subject.

All candidates must hold a first degree of a United Kingdom higher education institution or equivalent qualification

– All candidates will take part in a rigorous selection process designed to assess their:

a) suitability to teach, (by observation in your school) and

b) ability to demonstrate meeting all the standards for QTS without the need for any substantial further training.

– All candidates have taught in at least two schools, early years and/or further education settings.


LSJS will charge an initial deposit of £500- which will be credited against the fee if the candidate is accepted onto the course.

LSJS will charge an overall fee of £2400- which entitles a candidate to;

1. Initial Interview, advisory visit, lesson observation, and initial needs assessment ½ day

2. Interim visit and lesson observation ½ day

3. Up to 3 days of taught lectures at LSJS as mutually agreed

Additional monitoring visits can be arranged for a fee of £350.

For further information please contact Jane Clist, jane.clist@lsjs.ac.uk

Application process

If you wish to apply please send an email to the JTTP Administrator jane.clist@lsjs.ac.uk with the following documents and information:

1. This application form JTTP assessment only form

2. Confirmation that you have taught in at least two schools, including documented teaching experience.

3. Confirmation that you have not been subject to any disciplinary sanction by any professional or regulatory body in this country or abroad, or are currently the subject of investigation by such a body.

4. Confirmation that you have not been convicted of a criminal offence including motoring offences,and that you do not have any criminal charges/proceedings pending against you. (Note: you should include details of any police caution, reprimand, warning or penalty and bind over, but not include fixed penalty traffic offences and parking fines.)

The form is in four parts – A, B, C and D.

Part A is all about you; your current details, your school history and qualifications and finally your higher education and degree information. Please complete as much as possible. If you do not have your certificates available immediately, please just send a note with your application form stating when you expect to have them available for us.

If you do not have the relevant GCSE grades, equivalency tests may be taken. One option is to contact www.equivalencytesting.com or call 01277 203 336 for further details.

If you have applied to “NARIC” for verification of school or higher education qualifications, but are still awaiting a response, please also advise us of this.

Part A3 requests you to state whether you have previously applied or commenced any other programme to gain Qualified Teacher Status

Part B is about your employing school where you will be training and working during your time on the Assessment Only Route and should be completed by the school’s headteacher. However, if you are currently not working in a school, or have not yet found a school in which to train, please advise us of this.

Part C concerns any previous work or teaching experience in schools in the UK or overseas. You should include in this section all relevant experience you have had to show your potential to teach. This may include working or volunteering in educational and non-educational settings, or community groups and all contact with children, youth and young adults.

Part D, is further documentation/details we require the school to complete.

Forms and documentation should be sent as early as possible.


• your GCSE certificates (or Equivalency certificate)

• your degree certificate. (If your degree was obtained abroad, please send your transcript from NARIC. www.naric.org.uk) and

• 2 passport size photos

will need to be sent by post to: Jane Clist

The JTTP Administrator

London School of Jewish Studies

44a Albert Road


Please note that your application can only be finally accepted on receipt of your original documents as above. Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis.

The information on your application form will be entered into a database and is therefore subject to The Data Protection Act.

Find out more at our Teacher Training open evening Tuesday 22nd August, 5.30-6.30pm. 
Pre-booking essential via jane.clist@lsjs.ac.uk